UWN Webinar #4: Starting a State Urban Wood Network

"Starting an Urban Wood Network," the fourth in a series of informative presentations in the Urban Wood Networks's "How to Do Urban Wood," webinar series, is available on demand.

How Much Is Your Log Worth?

How much is your log worth? The short answer is probably not as much as you had hoped, but you're not here for the short answer, so I'll give you the long one.


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Video: Dan Cassens on 'Milling Your Own Lumber'

Popular Woodworking has teamed up with Wood-Mizer on a seven part series, "Milling Your Own Lumber." One of the segments features an interview with Dan Cassens, a retired professor of wood products at Purdue University, the owner of a successful Christmas tree farm and owner of Cassens Lumber in West Lafayette, IN.



Put Your Urban Wood Business on the Map

Dovetail Partners Inc. of Minneapolis is a leader in helping advance forest and wood products sustainability programs, including many tied to the urban wood movement. The non-profit's website includes an interactive map highlighting "Buy Local - Wood Products Campaigns" located throughout the U.S. and Canada.


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