Video: Urban Wood Rescue of Sacramento

KCRA reports on how Urban Wood Rescue repurposes trees at the end of their life in Sacramento’s urban forest.

Urban Wood Rescue boasts that it has diverted approximately 200,000 board feet of lumber from the landfill. The lumber was milled from trees removed at the end of their lifespan in Sacramento, billed as the “City of Trees.”

Urban Wood Rescue is a program of the non-profit Sacramento Tree Foundation, dedicated to creating and sustaining a healthy urban forest in Sacramento through tree planting, education, and community programs for more than 40 years.

Local TV station KCRA, broadcast a feature about Urban Wood Rescue’s efforts to repurpose trees, which after being milled and dried, are sold as lumber and slabs to local woodworkers and artisans. KCRA’s feature includes interviews with Bethany Hannah, program director of Urban Wood Rescue and Mike Coffey, owner of Coffey Custom Builds.

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