Video: Sawing Urban Wood with a Stihl 880 and Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

Joseph La Macchia, who operates a design studio bearing his name in Milwaukee, posted this short video in which he used a Stihl 880 and Alaskan Chainsaw Mill to process urban wood. 

La Macchia pours out his passion for urban wood on his website:

Examples of Joseph La Macchia’s artisanship.

“When a tree can no longer stand in its truest form, I endeavor to turn it into something beautiful and everlasting that can stand in its place. These works are a collaboration between that idea, those felled trees, and my hands. They have crossed that same bridge from death to life on a journey toward what I believe is their truest expression. I know my work will not fit everyone’s aesthetic sensibilities. But it is my sincere hope that when someone encounters it, it compels them to stop and to take notice, and to move them towards the realization that something special happened here, something thoughtful, purposeful, eternal.” 

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