Video: Good Wood Guys Mill Huge Black Cotton Log

Editor’s note: Saw a Facebook post that The Good Wood Guys had joined the Urban Wood Network and decided to check them out.

The Good Wood Guys of Great Falls, MT, is a company dedicated to milling and crafting furniture from salvaged urban trees. According to the Great Falls Tribune, Chris and Susan Crocker launched Good Wood Guys in 2015 and regularly treat members of the community and local organizations to sawmill demonstrations and tours of their facility.

The company’s website notes that Chris holds a Master’s of Art in Secondary Teaching and has gained years of experience working in the lumber trade. Susan grew up working in her parents’ second-hand hardware store and has assisted Chris with everyting from fabricating heirloom table to remodeling projects. She is also a member of the Great Falls Woodturners’ Club.

The accompanying video is one in a series produced by the company. In their words, “Text Maxed out the Woodmizer milling this big (110″ length x 36-46″ diameter) Montana black cottonwood. Watch the Good Wood Guys get it through the mill and make some awesome Good Wood! Filmed October 2019.”

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