Urban Wood Products Showcase



Urban Wood Products Showcase

Hamburger University, Oak Brook, IL

March 18, 2016


Call for Entries
The Illinois Wood Utilization Team invites woodworkers, artisans, architects, designers, and students to enter the Urban Wood Products Showcase, to be held at the upcoming Bringing the Urban Forest Full Circle Conference, on March 18, 2016 in Oak Brook, IL.

The Urban Wood Products Showcase is an opportunity to display your wood products created from urban and community trees. Entries will be displayed during the conference along with information about the piece and the individual who made the item. By exhibiting your creations, showcase participants will gain exposure while also demonstrating how they use the aesthetics of urban wood’s unique appearance and characteristics to make innovative functional and artistic items.

Awards and Recognition
A total of $500 in cash prizes will be awarded for selected top entries. Awardees will also receive a certificate and recognition at the end of the conference. Entries will be posted in a Bringing the Urban Forest Full Circle Conference gallery on the Illinois Wood Utilization Team website https://illinoisurbanwood.org/ with each applicant’s name and contact email/website information and potentially appear in print. Entrants can receive valuable publicity through networking in industry publications and websites.

Awards will be presented in the following categories. (Categories may be combined based upon the total number of entries submitted.)

  • Cabinetry/ Furniture – Residential and commercial kitchen, bath, living and other room cabinetry, furnishings, architectural fixtures and elements.
  • Specialty Pens, wearable items, boxes, sculpture, and other items.
  • Student Design – Woodworking projects from high school, university or technical programs.

Judging Criteria
The judging of showcase entries will be based on a “Peoples’ Choice” format with selections made by the conference attendees. Attendees will receive information on the voting procedure during registration and will select the entry they feel best meets the judging criteria.

  • Materials: Does the project effectively use urban sourced wood? All projects should be created substantially using urban wood materials. The use of other wood products or materials in the project is allowable so long as urban wood constitutes the primary wood used. Urban wood materials may be obtained directly by the craftsperson, or sourced from sawyers or other lumber suppliers, so long as the source is indicated on the entry form and the wood materials are harvested urban wood.
  • Appearance & Utility: Is the display eye-catching? Does it serve its purpose well and is it easy to understand? Does the display stand out from others in design or application? Is it unique?

Additional Entry Information

  •  Submissions must be of a manageable size, typically no larger than two people can comfortably carry. Any stands or props for display are responsibility of the entrant.
  • Awards will be officially announced at end of the Bringing the Urban Forest Full Circle Conference & Networking Event, March 18, 2016.

What to Enter

  1. Submit up to two (2) photos of your project for each entry using the Dropbox link below, not to exceed a limit of 3MB per entry. All images should be clearly identified by file name. If possible, digital shots should be approximately 5″ x 7″ at 300 PPI (Pixels Per Inch; 1,500 x 2,100 pixels) in JPEG format.
  2. Each entry submission should be by category and include a brief description of the item with purpose, materials used, source of urban wood, and story (if any).  Applicants may also provide contact information including any woodworking/architectural/cabinetry/milling services that the applicant might offer. Remember to specify the functional goals of your project and indicate how urban wood was utilized.
  3. Up to three (3) projects may be entered per entrant. Each project entry requires a separate completed entry form.
  4. No entry fee is required to submit projects for consideration.  Costs for preparing and submitting the entry are the responsibility of the entrant.
  5. To be judged the project must be transported by the entrant’s arrangements to Hamburger University in Oak Brook for the March 18 Conference.

Two Steps to Enter

  1. Click here to access the online Urban Wood Products Showcase entry form.

  2. Upload your photo(s) to Dropbox (copy and paste the following link into your web browser) to access the Dropbox website:


  • Select the “Choose from Computer” box and then identify the location of the photo(s) on your computer.
  • Select the photo(s) and click “Open” in the dialogue box
  • Verify the file(s) are correct and click “Upload” and you are finished.

If you have any questions about the Urban Wood Products Showcase entry process please contact:John Lough at jlough.illinoiswut@gmail.com; 773-640-4768.