Urban Tree Monitoring Video Series Part 2: Mortality Status

Field monitoring of urban trees is essential to understanding how urban forests change over time. Part 2 of this his 5-part animated series focuses on how to correctly categorize the mortality or survival status of each tree in a long-term monitoring study.

Part 1: Getting Started
Part 3: Trunk Diameter
Part 4: Location Methods
Part 5: Managing Field Work

The series was produced by the U.S. Forest Service, which also offers two related publications:

Urban Tree Monitoring: A Field Guide
This report provides detailed protocols for urban tree monitoring data collection. Specifically, we discuss the core variables necessary for field-based monitoring projects, including field crew identification, field crew experience level, tree record identifier, location, site type, land use, species, mortality status, crown vigor, and trunk diameter. The intent of this Field Guide is to serve urban forest managers and researchers who collect longitudinal field data on urban trees, as well as interns and citizen scientists. DOWNLOAD THE FIELD GUIDE

Urban Tree Monitoring: A Resource Guide
This is a companion document to the Field Guide. DOWNLOAD THE RESOURCE GUIDE