U.S. Forest Service Updates Nation’s Urban Forest Inventory

UFIAThe U.S. Forest Service is continuing to annually inventory and monitor the nation’s urban forests, an activity initiated by the 2014 Farm Bill. In its 2016 Business Report, The Forest Service notes, “Urban forests are the trees and other vegetation growing along streets and waterways, around buildings, in backyards and parks of our cities and towns…. For the purposes of Forest Industry and Analysis (FIA) sampling, urban forests are those treed areas nested within U.S. Census CBSA’s (metropolitan areas), UAUC (urban areas and clusters), and city/places.

Urban FIA (UFIA) started with two cities in 2014: Baltimore, MD, and Austin, TX. In 2015, data collection in both Austin and Baltimore continued and UFIA expanded data collection to include Milwaukee and Madison, WI; Houston, TX; Des Moines, IA; Providence, RI; and St. Louis, MO. Data collection expanded to include Chicago was added in 2016, as well as Burlington, VT;
Rochester, NY; Pittsburgh, PA; Cleveland, OH; Kansas City and Springfield, MO.

In 2017, all four FIA units will have active UFIA projects in operation as the program expands into San Diego, CA; Denver and Colorado Springs, CO; Lincoln, NE; Philadelphia, PA; Detroit, MI; Wichita, KS; Fargo, ND; Portland, ME; and Minneapolis, MN. In 2018, data collection will include New York City, NY; Portland, OR; and Dover, DE.

Read the Forest Service’s 2016 Business Report.