TigerStop Embraces the Urban Wood Message

tigerstop-logoTigerStop LLC of Vancouver, WA, a leading manufacturer of precision stop/gauge and pusher system technology, recently did its part to communicate the potential benefits of using urban wood by posting and sending a blog to its customers, “Urban Wood Movement Takes Root.”

Authored by Rich Christianson, communications director of the Illinois Wood Utilization Team, the blog begins, “A tree that can bear lumber is a terrible thing to waste. Yet, according to a USDA Forest Service study, every year an estimated 3.8 billion board feet of lumber that could potentially be milled from urban trees is instead cut into firewood, mulched, chipped or deposited into a landfill.

“It’s this sad realization that so much good wood is going to waste that has drawn a growing number of land managers, tree care professionals, sawyers, woodworkers and even architects to the urban wood movement. These forward-thinking professionals are forming partnerships and forging local networks to put urban trees felled by insect infestation, storm damage, urban development and mortality to their best possible use, including lumber, furniture and other wood products whenever possible.”

The blog includes five examples of urban wood users in five different states and concludes with a link to the newly released Urban Wood User’s Resource Guide.

Read the full blog at TigerStop.com.