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Story of Riverside’s Wind-Felled Oak Featured in Woodshop News

The tale of how a storm-damaged white oak in Riverside, IL, was salvaged from the landfill and converted into desks for village trustees was chronicled in Woodshop News, a national publication for professional woodworkers.

“The story demonstrates how a village forester/arborist, sawyer and woodworker worked together to put the more than 160-year-old tree to a higher use as custom furniture. Michael Collins, village forester of Riverside, credits the Illinois Wood Utilization Team for inspiring him to seek the support of elected officials to make the project happen.

A 16-foot log salvaged from the 80-foot tall tree was milled by Bull Valley Hardwood of Woodstock, IL. Paul Meyer of Woodstock Woodworks & Studio devoted some 450 hours to producing the trio of desks.

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160-Year-Old Oak Tree Begets Three Tables for Riverside’s Village Hall

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Paul Meyer of Woodstock Woodworks, left; Jessica Frances, Riverside village manager; Dan DeSerto of Bull Valley Hardwood; and Michael Collins, Riverside village forester, pose with one of the three trustee tables crafted from a 160-year-old oak tree.

Three custom tables, crafted from the wood of an estimated 160-year-old oak tree downed in a March 2016 storm, were delivered earlier this month to the Riverside village hall.

The story of the tree’s transformation into the trustee tables, was chronicled by the Riverside-Brookfield Landmark. Three key players of the project included Michael Collins, village forester of Riverside; Dan DeSerto, owner of Bull Valley Hardwood; and Paul Meyer, owner of Woodstock Woodworks & Studio Ltd.

Collins was inspired to have the old oak made into something after it was bowled over by a wind storm in March 2016. He sought and got the blessing and backing of Riverside Village Manager Jessica Frances and the village board of trustees. Collins called DeSerto of Bull Valley Hardwoods to mill a 30-inch–diameter  log from the tree and dry the lumber it yielded. DeSerto recommended local custom woodworker Paul Meyers to create the Prairie-style furniture.

The story also gives a shout out to Edith Makra and the Illinois Utilization Team.

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