Deadwood Revival Design of San Luis Obispo, CA, has built its business model around producing handcrafted furniture and slabs salvaged from California’s central coast. 

According to its website, “Deadwood Revival Design is a team of passionate artisans who believe in offering their customers not only the highest quality products but designs made from 100% guilt-free wood…. When you enlist our services, you gain the automatic assurance that each and every piece of wood that we use came from a tree destined for firewood, the chipper, or a burn pile. By using materials previously deemed ‘waste’ we’re able to reduce our carbon footprint.” 

The Deadwood Revival team includes Daniel Torres and Mitch McCormick, each a former firefighter with experience battling forest wildfires. As the website notes, “The sight and thought of these once majestic forests left for dead inspired (Torres) … to co-found Deadwood Revival Design, where he was able to combine his passion for chainsaws and skills as a sawyer in the most impactful way.”

Rounding out the urban wood utilization businesses’ core team is designer Pepe Sanchez, a graduate of architecture and environmental design from California Polytechnic State University. Sanchez’s designs commonly revolve around incorporating reclaimed live edge slabs for table tops for residential, commercial, and office customers.

Deadwood Revival produced the accompanying video highlighting its full-circle approach to urban forestry. That circle begins with taking possession of logs of urban trees removed at the end of their service through milling and drying, producing custom furniture and ultimately taking part in planting trees. 

Deadwood Revival is a member of the Urban Wood Network and the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

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