Vibrant Cities Lab developed the Climate & Health Action Guide. It outlines a process for creating an urban forestry project to optimize for climate and health outcomes. The guide is designed to  help the user “reduce climate risks and proactively respond to changing conditions while also providing important benefits to the health and well-being of your community.”

The underlying key premise of the guide is that Healthy urban forests provide substantial benefits for communities, improving the environment and supporting human health; forests are critical to combating the effects of climate change.”

The process is based on the five-step Adaptation Workbook, developed by the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS). The Adaptation Workbook provides a structured, yet flexible approach for integrating climate change into urban forestry projects, and this guide takes you one step further by integrating human health. The complete Adaptation Workbook can be used to take a deeper dive into creating a complete climate change adaptation plan.

Access the Climate & Health Action Guide.