Syracuse Designates $2M in Stimulus Money to Plant Trees, Combat Climate Change

Syracuse, N.Y. plans to invest $2 million of the $123 million in pandemic stimulus funding it received from the federal government to plant 3,600 trees over the next three years, according to a report by The 3,600 trees are part of the city’s new ReLeaf Syracuse program to plant 70,000 new trees by 2040.

The city’s Urban Forest Master Plan, adopted in June 2020, spells out the myriad benefts of a sustainable, healthy urban forest. These include improving the quality of life, boosting property values and combatting climate change.

On this latter point, the Urban Forest Master Plan includes the following two tables. The first includes Syracuse’s urban tree specicies that are most threatened by anticipated climate change. The second includes species that could thrive due to anticipated climate change.

How to Read These Tables: Negative change in Importance Value (IV) numbers mean a decrease in suitable habitats; positive values mean increase in suitable habitats, and thus no threat and in fact potential for growth. For example, if current IV = 3.4 and future model shows an anticipated change of -3.4, a total loss of suitable habitat is predicted for that species (Prasad et al 2007).

Click here to download Syracuse’s Urban Forest Master Plan.