NYC Declares Victory Over Long-horned Beetle

Forestry officials are celebrating the eradication of the tree-killing longhorned beetle in the urban forests of Brooklyn and Queens, its last bastions in New York City.

According to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle the elimination of the long-horned beetle ends a more than 10-year battle by city, state and federal agencies, plus non-governmental groups and private landowners.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture calculated that the pesky beetle killed more than 24,000 New York trees since its arrival in Brooklyn 23 years ago. Nationwide, the tree is estimated to have been responsible for 180,000 tree deaths.

Strategies employed to eradicate the long-horned beetle included quarantines of trees and firewood, removal of 5,208 infested trees and treatment of more than 67,000 at-risk trees, the paper noted.

In announcing the beetle’s defeat, officials removed the six-year-old quarantine of Brooklyn’s urban forest.

Read the Daily Eagle’s full report.