Hunski Hardwoods Logs the West Coast Urban Forest

Hunski Hardwoods, urban wood

Hunski Hardwoods specializes in giving diseased and storm damaged community trees a second life.

James Hunsaker and his son, Nick have been salvaging diseased and dying urban trees in and around Antelope, CA, since 2010.

Beyond milling the west coast trees into slaps and lumber, an important mission of Hunski Hardwoods is to “preserve the history of the wood beyond each tree’s life.”

The father and son’s story was chronicled in Timberline magazine last August, a publication of Wood-Mizer. As the story goes, Hunski Hardwood’s business took off after it purchased a Wood-Mizer WM1000 sawmill. Within two weeks of putting the mill into operation, Hunski had milled 30 logs, tripling their lumber output in the process.

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