Craft Beer with Just a Hint of Urban Sawdust

Not every sawyer who makes his living converting urban trees into lumber, and in the process diverting them from the waste stream, can claim to have a craft beer named in his or her honor. But Sid Gendron, a.k.a. Sawmill Sid, can.

Sawmill Sid is a portable sawmilling business repurposing trees removed in the greater Toronto area. In 2016, Gendron’s company was presented the Ontario Wood Award for making “outstanding contributions to the support and promotion of local wood.”

More recently, Stonehooker Brewing Company of Port Credit, Ontario, created Sawmill Sid Logger’d Ale. The craft brewery describes Sawmill Sid Logger’d Ale thusly: “Refreshing, crisp and clean Kolsch-style beer, full of flavor and designed to cut through a dusty thirst. Inspired by our friend Sid, who slices, logs, mills wood and eats sawdust like no one else.”

While the coronavirus pandemic has forced the shuttering of its taproom, Stonehooker is serving via drive through pick up. On this date, the brewery’s website noted that Sawmill Sid Logger’d is presently out of stock but will be available soon.