Cornell to research using EAB-ravaged trees for engineered wood products

Cornell University of Ithaca, NY, in coordination with timber manufacturer Unalam of Unadilla, NY, will research and develop methods to reuse wood infested by the emerald ash borer.

According to a press release about the program, researchers will use robotic fabrication technology to transform irregularly shaped ash lumber into engineered wood products. The project’s title is “Upcycling Ash Trees for Sustainable Wood Construction.”

“The invasive emerald ash borer (EAB) epidemic has killed tens of millions of ash trees in North America, drastically transforming entire forest ecosystems and creating a massive climate risk.” state the research team at Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability. “Infested and dying ash trees also provide an enormous and untapped resource for sustainable wood construction. Unfortunately, they are often comprised of mature growth trees which cannot be processed by standard lumber mills. In collaboration with glued laminated timber manufacturer Unalam, this project will develop an innovative method to reuse EAB-infested timber. By introducing high precision 3D scanning and robotic fabrication technology, researchers will create a new building process to transform irregularly shaped “ash waste wood” into a useful high-tech engineered wood products.”