Coming Attractions: Saving America’s Urban Forests

Trees-in-Trouble-2The battle to save America’s urban forests from being wiped out by the emerald ash borer takes front stage center in a new documentary film, “Trees in Trouble: Saving America’s Urban Forests.”

Trees in Trouble tells the story of America’s urban and community forests including their history; growing importance to our health, economy and environment; and the serious threats they now face to the emerald ash borer scourge and other calamities.

Saving America’s Urban Forests tells the compelling story of how one community near Cincinnati, OH, confronted their tree crisis and fought the invasive pest by taking action and joining together. Through partnerships with scientists, city officials and everyday citizens, this community was able to fight the pest and protect its urban forests for future generations. The film also explores the rich history of urban forestry in the United States and the exciting new research linking human health and trees.

The 27-minute film is directed by Andrea Torrice and is available for purchase or rental at Reduced rates are available for activist and grassroots groups. Contact Bullfrog Films at 800-543-3764 for more info or visit