Celebrate OAKtober

The majestic oak, the state tree of Illinois, is being celebrated during the officially proclaimed OAKtober- Oak Awareness Month.

The Chicago Regional Trees Initiative (CRTI) has created web pages full of information about OAKtober, including listings of local events. The CRTI even offers templates and other resources to you help plan and promote your own OAKtober event.

How, you might ask, does one celebrate OAKtober? The CRTI offers a host of suggestions, including:

  • Host an oak workday. Individuals can help to remove invasive species to improve growing conditions for an oak ecosystem. Or plant, water, and mulch oak trees.
  • Lead a walk through an oak woodland. Help participants notice all of the wildlife and plants that make up the oak ecosystem.
  • Host a talk. Have a local oak expert give a public talk and invite your organization’s members, and their friends and neighbors.
  • Find your largest oak. Identify the largest oak tree in your community or park, determine its approximate age and introduce community members to the tree and its history.
  • Engage the local schools. Encourage students to write essays or create posters on the importance of oaks to our communities and our ecosystems.
  • Hug an oak tree!

Learn more about how to celebrate OAKtober.