Author Spins a Wonderful Tale about Repurposing Her Dying Black Walnut

InsideHook author Claire Young with a slice of “Sally,” the 70-foot black walnut that was converted into valuable lumber after it was removed from her backyard.

Here’s a great narrative about urban wood utilization written by Claire Young for InsideHook: “How to Turn the Dead Tree in Your Yard into a Wooden Heirloom.”

Young goes into impressive detail to explain how a dying 70-foot black walnut tree her family named Sally was removed, milled and converted into an heirloom table.

Young contracted the services of Adrian Plante, owner of Wood Urban Design in Crystal Lake, IL. In addition to its professional arborist services, WUD operates a portable sawmill to convert logs from removed trees into lumber and wood products.

In her article, Young offers a variety of useful tips for homeowners looking to “scavenge” wood from their dearly departed trees. She also goes through the urban tree conversion process from removal through milling options and discusses how she took up woodworking as a COVID-19 hobby.

It’s a fun read that should inspire like-minded homeowners to put their dead trees to a higher purpose.