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Chicago City Council Debates Urban Forestry Advisory Board To Address Declining Tree Population

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By Zachary Mauer 
Associate Editor
Loyola University Chicago School of Law, JD/MPP 2022

Across the United States, metropolitan areas are experiencing a net loss of about 36 million trees every year. That amounts to about 175,000 acres of lost tree cover. Meanwhile, Chicago loses more than 10,000 trees every year due to, in part, inefficient tree trimming and management. Fewer trees means less shade and worse air quality. In response, several Chicago City Council Aldermen are proposing the Urban Forestry Advisory Board (“UFAB”) in order to assess current policies and propose innovative ways to protect Chicago’s tree population.           

Chicago has a tree-trimming problem
In 2019, the City of Chicago Office of Inspector General (“OIG”) released a report highlighting ways in which the Department of Streets and Sanitation’s Bureau of Forestry could improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their tree-trimming program. Since the creation of 311 in 1999, the city has used a reactive approach to tree trimming by responding only to resident’s complaints. As a result, the Bureau of Forestry spent 75% of its time addressing these 311 requests, causing 40% of parkway trees (approximately 206,000) to not be trimmed in 10 or more years.   

According to an independent report issued in 2009, a grid-based approach to tree trimming would reduce the average crew’s travel time by 35% and the average cost per tree trim by 60%. This could increase the daily tree trimming by 147% and 87% more addresses receiving services over the course of a year.

CBS News reported in January that that Chicago residents across the city have been complaining that 311 requests are being marked completed before the job was done. Some residents are forced to spend money to repair damage on their homes or cars caused by falling branches. Residents of West Englewood are worried that a falling branch could seriously injure someone.

City workers are avoiding completing these tree-trimming requests by marking the requests as “no tree” or “no such address.” The city’s response has been that the pandemic, as well as a large storm, have kept them busy over the past year. Still, other major cities that use a proactive, cyclical, or grid-based approach include New York City, Toronto, Los Angeles, as well as Chicago’s neighbors Evanston, Oak Lawn, and Park Ridge.

Environmental and health risks associated with loss of trees
One of the main consequences of losing trees in a large city is the urban heat island effect. Shade from trees, together with evaporation of the water their leaves transpire, can help reduce peak summer temperatures in their vicinity by 2 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit. In Davis, CA, researchers found that shade from trees reduced the surface temperature of asphalt by up to 36 degrees F, and of the passenger compartments of parked cars by 47 degrees F.

Also, urban trees reduce concentrations of particulate matter, the most damaging type of air pollution. A study of 10 U.S. cities found that urban trees remove enough particulate matter to reduce annual health impacts by amounts ranging from $1.1 million in Syracuse, NY, to $60.1 million in New York City. A 2015 study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that in the 15-state area and 17-year period covered, more than 15,000 additional deaths from cardiovascular conditions such as heart attack and stroke occurred as a result of urban tree loss.       

Further, nitrogen dioxide is one of the main contributors to smog and one of the six leading air pollutants identified by the Environmental Protection Agency. In a study conducted in Portland, tree cover had a significant effect on nitrogen dioxide levels and residents’ respiratory health by area. In higher-tree areas, young kids were estimated to have avoided missing more than 7,000 school days annually because of asthma attacks.           

Chicago Urban Forestry Advisory Board
The proposed Urban Forestry Advisory Board (UFAB) would have seven ex officio members and six appointed members. The seven ex officio members would be the Chief Sustainability Officer, Chair of the Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection, General Superintendent & Chief Executive Officer of Streets and Sanitation, Commissioner of the Department of Transportation, Commissioner of Water Management, and Commissioner of the Department of Planning and Development. The six appointed members would be representatives from two nongovernmental organizations that participate in the Chicago Region Trees Initiative, a representative from a nongovernmental community organization, two representatives from a tree service business, and a representative from an academic arborist community. 

UFAB’s duties would include developing and annually updating an Urban Forestry Management Plan, as well as recommending legislation based on viewing and assessing current city policies, procedures, and expenditures. UFAB would also facilitate a public education of urban forestry and establish a Heritage Tree program that identifies trees of special significance. Other major cities with forest advisory boards include San Diego, which has a 15-member board appointed by the mayor, and Seattle where they have a 13-member board comprised of various professionals and community members.       

The ordinance to create UFAB was first introduced last summer, but was put on the back burner as the pandemic raged on. Now, the Chicago City Council hopes to introduce the ordinance again in the coming months.         

The City of Chicago’s Inspector General Joe Ferguson said it best: “A thriving and healthy urban forest is critical to mitigating ever-mounting climate change concerns like the urban heat island effect and excessive storm water runoff, and recent studies have revealed stark differences across city neighborhoods that generally correlate with tree canopy percentages. Chicago’s communities and individuals particularly stand to benefit from a more efficient and equitable city service, with obvious environmental health benefits, including cleaner air, cooling, and reduction of stress in children. Strategic, rather than reactive, tree care also prevents property damage, utility interruptions, and street closures.”

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Chicago City Council Debates Urban Forestry Advisory Board to Address Declining Tree Population
n 2019, the City of Chicago Office of Inspector General released a report highlighting ways in which the Department of Streets and Sanitation’s Bureau of Forestry could improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their tree-trimming program.


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Urban Wood User’s Resource Guide

The Urban Wood User’s Resource Guide is intended to provide starting points for land managers, arborists, sawyers, woodworkers and other stakeholders to join or create urban wood networks. This guide includes local, state and national urban wood utilization groups; state sawmill directories and selected reports, case studies and other publications.

The Urban Wood User’s Resource Guide is a work-in progress and as such is subject to change without notice. This guide will be periodically updated. For listing consideration, contact


Ash Utilization Options Project

Dovetail Partners Reuse

Emerald Ash Borer Info

International Society of Arboriculture

Reuse Wood

Southeastern Urban Wood Exchange

Sustainable Urban Forestry Coalition

Tree Care Industry Association

U.S. Forest Service Urban & Community Forestry

U.S. Forest Service Wood Education & Resource Center

Urban Salvaged & Reclaimed Woods

Urban Wood Network

Urban Wood Network LinkedIn

Wood Education & Resource Center, Northeastern State & Private Forestry

Wood-Mizer Pro Sawyer Network


Arkansas Sawmill Directory

California Urban Forests Council

Colorado CoWood

Colorado Tree Coalition

Connecticut Urban Wood Utilization

Georgia Arborist Association Urban Wood Reutilization

Georgia Wood-Using Industries Directory (See page 102 for urban wood listings)

Illinois Custom Sawmill Directory

Illinois Wood Utilization Team

Indiana: ElkhartWood

Indiana Sawmill Directory

Iowa: Davenport Urban Wood Utilization

Iowa Directory of Sawmills

Kansas Sawmill Directory

Kentucky Forest Product Industry Directory

Maine Stationary & Portable Sawmill Directory

Maryland: Baltimore Urban Wood Project

Maryland: Baltimore Camp Small Zero Waste Initiative

Michigan Forest Products Industry Directory

Michigan: Southeast Michigan’s Reclaimed Wood Marketplace

Michigan Urban Wood Network

Minnesota Primary & Secondary Forest Products Directories

Minnesota Forest Utilization and Marketing Program

Missouri Sawmill Directory

Montana DNRC Wood Directory

Nebraska Sawmill Directory

New Jersey Sawmill Directory

North Carolina Urban Forest Council

North Dakota Sawmill Directory

Ohio Sawmill Directory

Ohio Wood Products Directory

Oklahoma Sawmill Directory

Oregon: Clackamas Urban Lumber Program

Oregon Forest Industry Directory

South Carolina Forest Mill Directory

South Dakota Log Finder

Vermont Urban Wood & Community

Virginia Urban Wood Group

Washington: Eastern Washington Small-Scale Sawmill Directory

Washington: Western Washington Small-Scale Sawmill Directory

West Virginia Forest Products Directory

Wisconsin Urban Wood

Wisconsin Urban Wood Use Options Directory


Ontario: Your Leaf Toronto


Assessment of Urban Tree Utilization & Forestry Programs of Richmond, VA, and Raleigh, NC

Case Study: i2i Design, Wood Dale, IL

Case Study: Riverside, IL Transforms Windswept Oak into Fine Furniture

Estimates of Carbon Dioxide Withheld from the Atmosphere by Urban Hardwood Products

Manufacturing and Marketing Eastern Hardwood Lumber Produced by Thin Kerf Band Mills

Marketing Urban Wood for Higher Uses in Illinois: Resources for Arborists and Managers

Recycling Municipal Trees: A Guide for Marketing Sawlogs from Street Tree Removals in Municipalities

Tree to Table: The Wood Cycle Story

Utilizing Municipal Trees: Ideas from Across the Country

Urban Forests & Urban Tree Use

Urban Wood & Traditional Wood: A Comparison of Properties & Uses

Using Urban Wood Clusters to Build an Urban Wood Utilization Network

Wood Utilization Options for Urban Trees Infested by Invasive Species

UWN to Present Free Urban Wood Seminar at IWF 2018


The urban wood movement is ready to charge into Atlanta for an encore performance at the International Woodworking Fair.

The newly formed Urban Wood Network is organizing a free 90-minute seminar, “The Urban Wood Movement Is NOW! Come Join the Movement,” 1:00 p.m. Friday, Aug. 24 at the Georgia World Congress Center.

Wood-Mizer, a leading manufacturer of portable sawmills and other wood processing equipment, is the lead sponsor of this unique program. Other sponsors include Richelieu Hardware, one of North America’s largest sources of cabinet and furniture hardware, Dynabrade, manufacturer of industrial sanding equipment, and Safety Speed Manufacturing, a U.S. manufacturer of vertical panel saws, widebelt sanders and other woodworking equipment.

More than 130 people registered for the first urban wood utilization seminar held during IWF 2016. This year’s session will highlight the national momentum of the urban wood movement by bringing together representatives of newly formed groups in the Southeast, Midwest and West Coast. Each of these expert presenters will highlight how urban wood use is taking root in his or her region.

Attendees of this free session will learn:

• The unique source local/buy local marketing appeal of urban wood products and the interesting stories they tell.
• The environmental advantages of utilizing urban wood.
• How to find local sources of urban wood.
• How to join or start a local urban wood network.
• An opportunity to get answers to your questions from our expert panel.

Each of the presenters will discuss their personal passions and experiences of creating products and profits by using landscape and other urban forest trees felled by disease, storm damage, old age and other causes. Each of the presentations will shed light on opportunities to repurpose urban wood otherwise destined for the chipper or landfill to make high-quality lumber, slabs, furniture, flooring and other wood products.

Confirmed presenters of the IWF urban wood seminar, include:

Jennifer Alger



Jennifer Alger is CEO of Far West Forest Products of Sheridan, CA, a family-owned business that actively works to promote the use of local native species and underutilized logs including reclaimed urban wood. For almost two decades she has been a regional representative for Wood-Mizer portable sawmills. She has presented at several urban log and lumber utilization workshops and seminars focused on marketing, growing and operating a small sawmill business. Most recently Jennifer has formed and is the president of Urban Salvaged and Reclaimed Woods Inc., the West Coast’s first urban lumber trade network.

Joe Lehnen

Joe Lehnen is a Forest Utilization & Marketing Specialist, coordinating the Urban Wood Program for the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Joe led the effort to establish the formation of the VA Urban Wood Group in 2017. He attained his BS degree in Forestry/Wildlife Management from Purdue University and has worked for the VA Department of Forestry since 1979. Joe has spent most of his career as an Area Forester for the Shenandoah Valley work area, where he and his family live west of Woodstock near Dunkel’s Grove.

Dwayne Sperber

Dwayne Sperber is owner of Wudeward Urban Forest Products of Milwaukee, WI. He has worked tirelessly to build awareness and markets for the abundance of wood from urban trees. Sperber is a founding partner of Wisconsin Urban Wood, a nonprofit focused on building networks of people and businesses that links material streams and availability of quality urban wood products and services across the state. He also is an appointed member of the Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council and represents Wisconsin in the Urban Wood Network.


Richson Media

Rich Christianson


The session will be moderated by Rich Christianson, the former long-time editorial director of Woodworking Network and now owner of Richson Media LLC, a Chicago-based communications company focused on the North American woodworking industry. Through his role as communications director of the Illinois Wood Utilization Team, Rich represents Illinois in the Urban Wood Network, which also includes urban wood groups in Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin, plus individual companies and entities located east of the Rocky Mountains.


Lead sponsor Wood-Mizer LLC of Indianapolis, IN, (IWF booth #6575) is a manufacturer of portable and stationary sawmills, sawblades and other wood processing equipment and accessories.

“With Wood-Mizer wood processing equipment, diseased and dying city trees can find new life in a piece of furniture that could have otherwise gone to waste,” said Darryl Floyd COO of Wood-Mizer. “Throughout the past decade, Wood-Mizer has seen a major influx of successful businesses who are utilizing urban sourced wood for their sawmilling operations and we are proud to manufacture a product that enables small businesses to be profitable with an underutilized resource. While Wood-Mizer has been educating woodworkers about the positive environmental and economic impact of urban wood for years, the Urban Wood Seminar at IWF 2018 will continue to be a step forward in saving more trees from going into the waste stream.”

While the IWF Urban Wood Utilization seminar is being presented free of charge, attendees must register to guarantee a seat at the program. Learn more and register.

For information about becoming a seminar sponsor and general inquiries, contact Rich Christianson at 773-822-6750;

About the Urban Wood Network
The Urban Wood Network (UWN) operates from funding provided by the USDA Forest Service Northeastern, State and Private Forestry Landscape Scale Restoration Grant Program. UWN has opened up membership to other state urban wood organizations as well as individual companies and entities. The four state partners include:
Illinois Wood Utilization Team;
Michigan Urban Wood;
Missouri Department of Conservation; and
Wisconsin Urban Wood.


About the International About the International Woodworking Fair
The International Woodworking Fair, owned by the Woodworking Machinery Industry Association and the Wood Machinery Manufacturers of America, is North America’s largest industrial woodworking event. IWF 2018 is scheduled for August 22-25 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. It is the “must-attend” show for manufacturers of furniture, cabinets, flooring and other secondary wood products. IWF 2016 attracted more than 17,000 woodworking professionals and featured more than 1,100 exhibitors from the U.S., Canada and beyond. Learn more at




Read about the event.>>>>>>


Horigan Urban Wood Products











Basic Sponsorship








American Society of Landscape Architects




International Woodworking Fair


















CEU’s available forASLA and ISA members.


The Bringing the Urban Forest Full Circle Conference is scheduled as an all-day affair Friday, March 18 at Hamburger University in Oak Brook, IL. The unique event will highlight opportunities for individuals, businesses, trade groups and public entities to capitalize on the salvage and conversion of community trees into high-valued logs, lumbers and wood products.

JUST ADDED: Hardwood Lumber & Sawmill Workshop, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Thursday, March 17 at the Mayslake Peabody Estate in Oak Brook. Prof. Dan Cassens of the Purdue University Forestry Department will be the featured presenter. The program, being held in special cooperation with the DuPage County Forest Preserve, will include classroom instruction and a portable sawmill demonstration. Registrants of the Bringing the Urban Forest Full Circle Conference can save $45 off the $110 registration fee to also attend the Hardwood Lumber Workshop. Attendance for the workshop will be limited to the first 50 signups.

Reserve a Room at the Hyatt Lodge at McDonald’s Campus

Read more about our Conference Sponsors & Supporters.

Start Time Conference Agenda Speaker / Display Info
7:00am Onsite Registration, Badge Pickup & Continental Breakfast Exhibits Open
8:00am Conference Welcome Rich Christianson, Conference Director, Illinois Wood Utilization Team
8:10am Bringing the Urban Forest Full Circle – Overview Edith Makra, Chairperson, Illinois Wood Utilization Team
8:45am From Landscape to Lumber: Reclaiming Diminished Trees for Urban Wood John Lough, Senior City Forester, City of Chicago
9:20am Trends in Marketing Wood Products Prof. Dan Cassens, Purdue University Department of Wood Products & Owner of Cassens Lumber LLC
10:00am Refreshment Break Exhibits Open
10:15am Closing the Loop on Urban Wood Utilization Ian Brown, Urban Forestry District Manager, City of Milwaukee
10:45am Commercial Tree Care & Urban Wood – Find Your Niche August Hoppe, President of Hoppe Tree Service & The Urban Wood Lab
11:15am The Urbanwood Project: Developing Markets for Urban Wood in Michigan Jessica Simons, Owner, Verdant Stewardship U Coordinator of the Urbanwood Project of Southeast Michigan
11:45am Lunch / Portable Sawmill Demonstrations by Prof. Dan Cassens Exhibits Open
1:40pm Green Building Programs & Urban Wood Laureen Blissard, Principal, LTLB Envirotecture & Jessica Simon
2:20pm Urban Wood’s Journey from Forest to Classroom, Museum, Gallery, Auction & Home Paul Pettigrew, Studio Associate Professor of Architecture, Illinois Institute of Technology
2:50pm Out of the Woods:How West Chicago Repurposed Storm-Damaged Urban Trees Jeff Perkis, Owner, Story Wood & Senior Project Manager, Chipman Design Architecture
3:15pm Refreshment Break Exhibits Open
3:30pm Custom Woodworking Case Study: Go-to Urban Wood Source for Starbucks, Mariano’s & Others Ken Wier, Owner, i2i Design
4:00pm Metamorphosis: Thermally Modified Urban Lumber Brian Mitalo, Regional Manager, Tournesol Siteworks
4:20pm Growing Partnerships: How the Chicago Park District Is Capitalizing on Urban Lumber Michael Dimitroff, Manager of Art Initiatives, Chicago Park District
4:50pm Closing Remarks & Announcement  of “People’s Choice Winners” of the Urban Wood Products Showcase Edith Makra, Chairperson, Illinois Wood Utilization Team
5:00 pm-  7:00pm Networking Reception Exhibits Open
NOTE: Conference schedule & program subject to change without notice.

Your $150 conference registration fee ($175 on-site) includes:

+ One dozen informative sessions focused on urban wood success stories, opportunities and best practices presented by acknowledged leaders of the urban wood utilization movement.

+ Live portable sawmill demonstration.

+ Tabletop displays hosted by key organizations and suppliers focused on the urban wood marketplace.

+ Urban Wood Products Showcase: Displays of furniture, other wood products and artistic objects crafted from wood milled from community trees.

+ Networking Reception: Forge valuable connections with fellow conference participants.

+ Continental breakfast, morning and afternoon refreshment breaks, lunch and Networking Reception appetizers.

+ $45 discount to also attend the March 17 Hardwood Lumber & Sawmill Workshop at the Mayslake Peabody Estate in Oak Brook, IL.

+ Members of the  American Society of Landscapers (ASLA) and International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) qualify for continuing education credits (CEUs).


Show your support for urban wood utilization by investing in an Ash, Oak or Walnut sponsorship package. Each package includes conference registration, a display table and promotional considerations. High-value, low-cost sponsorships, starting at $500, can be purchased through the online registration portal. View Sponsorship Opportunities

More Info

Please direct any questions about the conference program, sponsorship/display opportunities or registration issues to Rich Christianson, conference director, at or phone 773-822-6750.




Conference Presentation Highlights

Bringing the Urban Forest Full Circle – Overview

This presentation will introduce the concept of urban wood and discuss principal issues and opportunities.

  • Urban forests contain valuable wood commodities that potentially can be harvested.
  • To capture the inherent value of urban forests and reclaim valuable wood products, connections must be made between these vital links of the urban wood supply chain: Arborists, Sawyers, Woodworkers, Specifiers and Consumers.
  • How the urban wood industry has much potential to meet consumer demand.
  • How urban wood and urban forestry are different than commercial lumber and traditional forestry.
  • Examples of urban wood businesses and partners working to advance urban wood markets.

Presenter Bio: Edith Makra is the Director of Environmental Initiatives for the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus where she supports local governments in taking environmental actions that lead to regional sustainability. She is founder and Chairperson of the Illinois Wood Utilization Team, where she promotes “full circle urban forestry” to capture value in felled community trees as interior and exterior wood products. She has led the Team to train arborists and woodworkers; engage the public; partner with other states to create markets for urban wood; and led a timber assessment of the Chicago region’s urban forest. The Team was recognized with the Governor’s Sustainability Award in 2013 for notable contributions to sustainability in Illinois.

 From Landscape to Lumber: Reclaiming Diminished Trees for Urban Wood

  • Sources of urban wood are varied but offer a tremendous resource.
  • Understanding the importance of tree removal and recovery capacity is critical to the success of urban log utilization.
  • Harvesting practices that enhance the value of urban wood – while keeping costs down – is the beginning of successful processing.

Presenter Bio: John Lough is senior city forester for the City of Chicago, Department of Streets and Sanitation, Bureau of Forestry. Chicago has approximately 586,000 street trees and generates more than 25,000 tons of wood by-products annually. Lough earned his Master’s degree in Forestry at the University of Illinois and is an International Society of Arboriculture certified arborist. He has worked as an urban Forester for the City of Chicago for the last 18 years and in the arboricultural field for 29 years. Lough currently focuses his attention on integrated pest management, training, wood utilization, and volunteer programs. Lough is also an avid amateur urban-woodworker and promotes the recovery of urban felled trees to inspire the innovative use of this under-recognized resource.

 Trends in Marketing Wood Products

  • How urban wood can move into the lumber market place.
  • Developing markets for lumber and wood products.
  • How drying lumber adds value.
  • Understanding the basic of lumber grade values

Presenter Bio: Dan Cassens is a Professor and Extension Specialist in Wood Products at Purdue University. For the past 30 years, Cassens’ primary responsibility has been conducting educational programs for the industry. In 1990 hereceived the Woodworking Educator of the Year award presented by the Wood Machinery Industry Association. He has also been sponsored by different industrial sources and has conducted research in the areas of preventing stain in hardwood and southern pine lumber, biomass, hardwood log manufacturing techniques, quality control in lumber, veneer checking, stress in trees, and others. Cassens is the author of Manufacturing and Marketing Eastern Hardwood Lumber Produced by Thin Kerf Band Mills. Cassens owns and manages, for timber production, about 200 acres of Indiana hardwoods. Trees from improvement cuttings and storm damaged trees are processed by a Wood-Mizer mill and sold to local woodworkers.

Closing the Loop on Urban Wood Utilization

  • Trees are grown and maintained in municipalities for the benefits they provide during life. But inevitably they will be removed. Learn about the alternative “end of life” options implemented in Milwaukee.
  • Milwaukee diverts 100% of logs to a local sawmill for processing, saving 50% of disposal costs and diverting all wood to the “highest and best use.”
  • Recovered products include furniture grade lumber, flooring, pallets, firewood and mulch.
  • Consumer-driven demand has historically been the limiting factor but those barriers are coming down.

Presenter Bio: Ian Brown is an Urban Forestry District Manager for the City of Milwaukee – Forestry Section. He joined Milwaukee Forestry in 2007 and has worked on a variety of projects including iTree ECO, hyperspectral imagery analysis, comprehensive GIS-based street tree inventory and ash street tree injections. Brown has worked to quantify urban forests for management and increase appreciation for the economic value of the urban canopy.

Commercial Tree Care & Urban Wood – Find Your Niche

This presentation will show the full circle approach that Hoppe Tree Service takes to utilizing Urban Wood in the Milwaukee area: from tree removal to selling wood products to the end consumer.

  • Background: How a “normal” tree service got involved in urban wood utilization.
  • Development: There is no need to re-event the wheel. Stick with what you know and find partners to help.
  • Spread the word: There is a market out there. Just find it!
  • Urban wood can be profitable as a product and can give a commercial tree care company an edge in the marking place.

Presenter Bio: August Hoppe is a third generation arborist and President of Hoppe Tree Service, a full service tree care company in Milwaukee. WI. He is an ISA Certified Arborist, a member of the Wisconsin Urban Forestry Council and President of the Wisconsin Arborist Association. Hoppe Tree Service started its retail urban wood utilization division called The Urban Wood Lab in 2014.

The Urbanwood Project: Developing Markets for Urban Wood in Michigan

  • The emerald ash borer outbreak acted as a catalyst to spur innovation in Michigan’s urban forest products markets.
  • Nontraditional partners have joined together to form an effective network of suppliers, processors and supporters, resulting in the creation of the Urbanwood Marketplace, a successful retail center for sales of urban wood.
  • For nearly a decade, this sales effort has continued to grow, leading to important lessons learned about urban wood market coordination, partnership development, customer interests and product opportunities.

Presenter Bio: Jessica Simons is the owner of Verdant Stewardship, an Ann Arbor, MI-based consulting service that provides project development, management, and grant  writing services to conservation and environmental organizations. She coordinates Michigan’s Urbanwood Project on behalf of Recycle Ann Arbor and manages forest products utilization and marketing programs for the Southeast Michigan RC&D Council. Simons serves as a trustee for the Great Lakes Forest Products Society and is an organizer of the Urban Forest Products Alliance. She holds an M.S. in natural resources from the University of Michigan and a B.A. in biology from West Virginia University.

 Portable Sawmilling Demonstration: Urban Logs to Boards & Slabs

  • Learn how to measure and determine the quality of logs.
  • See how surface indicators (bark distortions) tell you what lies beneath the surface of the log face.
  • Learn what the end of a log tells you about its quality.
  • Obtain basic lumber grading information.
  • Learn how wholesale lumber is priced and what the value of lumber is from a particular log.

Presenter: Dan Cassens, Professor of Wood Products at Purdue University and Owner of Cassens Lumber LLC

 Green Building Programs & Urban Wood

  • Creating urban wood demand: A residential case study
  • Creating a “chain of custody” process for urban wood
  • How to communicate to clients the benefits of using urban wood in their build outs
  • How urban wood fits into LEED and other green building programs

Presenter Bio: Laureen Blissard is the principal of LTLB Envirotecture, for which she has managed or is currently managing the verification for more than 1,000 homes and units that are either “green” certified or in the process of becoming certified. She holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in architecture from the University of Illinois and is a licensed architect. Blissard has built a successful 25-plus-year practice in the design and construction of commercial buildings, multi-family projects, single family homes, and interiors. Her many professional certifications include AIA, ALA and LEED AP Homes. She also serves as technical director of the Green Builder® Coalition and writes for Green Builder® Magazine.

Urban Wood’s Journey from Forest to Classroom, Museum, Gallery, Auction & Home

  • Why promoting urban wood’s use is an important goal for the IIT Architecture program
  • What more than 300 architecture students have learned about urban wood’s potential importance to the architecture profession and building industry
  • Examples of some of the hundreds of furniture and functional design objects that have been exhibited and published introducing urban wood’s potential to the general public

Presenter Bio: Paul Pettigrew is a licensed architect in the states of Illinois, Indiana and Michigan and a member of NCARB. He has been designing and fabricating architecturally specific furniture for more than 25 years. In 1999 he joined the faculty of the first-year architecture studio at the Illinois Institute of Technology of Chicago. He has shared his interest in architecturally specific furniture design and fabrication with IIT Architecture students enrolled in his Architecture & Furniture course, including incorporating urban wood in student projects. Recent research into potential uses of urban wood led to the creation of the Living Tree Project for Crate & Barrel. Pettigrew received his architecture BS from the University of Illinois and his MS from MIT.

Out of the Woods: How West Chicago Repurposed Storm-Damaged Urban Trees

  • Remembering the July 2012 storm devastation and massive tree cleanup of Reed Kepler Park
  • Opportunity from calamity: Brainstorming ideas and partnering with the Illinois Institute of Technology to repurpose wood from the salvaged logs
  • Showcasing reclaimed urban wood products

Presenter Bio: Jeff Perkis is Owner of Story Wood, a custom woodworking business, and Senior Project Manager of Chipman Architecture Design.

 Metamorphosis: Thermally Modified Urban Lumber

  • Opportunities in the specification industry
  • Meeting the sourcing challenge
  • Bridging the differences

Presenter Bio: Brian Mitalo is a Chicago-based regional salesperson for Tournesol Siteworks, a manufacturer of products for commercial landscapes nationwide. He is a licensed commercial irrigation designer and a certified landscape irrigation auditor with extensive industry experience efficiently watering landscapes. Mitalo joined Tournesol Siteworks in 2004, marrying his 25 years of technical and engineered product sales with Tournesol’s focus on solutions for integrating landscaping on, in and around buildings. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and events on the design considerations/challenges of on-structure landscaping, benefits of on-structure and urban landscaping, high-efficiency irrigation and drainage control.

Growing Partnerships: How the Chicago Park District Is Capitalizing on Urban Lumber

  • The Arts: Chicago Tree Project; Partner Donations to Benefit the Artist Community; Theaster Gates & The Garfield Park Conservatory Project; CPD Wood Shops
  • Capital Construction & Planning: Maggie Daley Park build-out; Chicago Bear’s Den build-out at Soldier Field; CPD Harbor dock decking using thermally-modified
  • Forestry Operations: Sterling Lumber agreement and win-win relationship (Jim Semelka – Sterling Lumber – Urban Forestry Advocate)

Presenter Bio: Michael Dimitroff is Manager of Art Initiatives for the Chicago Park District, where he coordinates and manages new art acquisitions and the siting logistics of public art and sculpture installations, under the Department of Cultural and Natural Resources. He is a sitting member of the Park Enhancement Committee (PEC) which makes decisions related to park aesthetics, construction, and design continuity. He also chairs the CPD Arts Committee where he partners with CPD colleagues, the City of Chicago, institutions, not-for-profits, galleries and artists in promoting public art. Dimitroff is also is a member of the Wood Utilization.




Brochures, Reports and Presentations

Marketing Urban Trees for Higher Uses in Illinois: Resources for Arborists and Managers  Information contained in this informative guide includes key markets for urban trees, a listing of Illinois sawyers who accept and process urban trees into value-added lumber, ash wood properties, and a letter that outlines the process for homeowners interested in reclaiming wood from their trees.

Urban Wood and Traditional Wood: A Comparison of Properties & Uses White paper authored by Prof. Dan Cassens, Wood Products and Extension Specialist of Purdue University, and Edith Makra, chairman of the Illinois Wood Utilization Team

Harvest Urban Timber!  Short and to the point: Reclaim Trees. Reduce Waste. Create Beauty.

Emerald Ash Board Create Beauty From Ash Trees Affected by EAB.

Beetles, Bats and Beyond: Harvesting Community Timber  PowerPoint presentation highlights the links in the urban wood use chain.

Today Show Feature on Wilmette Wonder Boys  Watch the story of Little League baseball bats made from Emerald Ash Board made from trees that were taken down in the Chicago suburb of Wilmette.

Urban Forests & Urban Tree Use: Opportunities on Local, State, National and International Scales November 2014 report by Dovetail Partners, Inc.

Lumber and Biomass Flow in the Hardwood Industry  PowerPoint presentation by Daniel Cassens, Professor of Wood Products at Purdue University, and Ed Meadows of Timber Steward LLC, calculates the value of wood turned into lumber vs. biofuel.

Feasibility Study for a Community Wood Reclamation System Final Report The Illinois Wood Utilization Team conducted a study that identified potential supply and markets, reviewed operational logistics and organizational options, and created financial projections for a multi-municipality staging center for urban tree removal, reclamation, and distribution.

Environmental & Urban Wood Reclamation   An Illinois Institute of Technology Undergraduate Interprofessional Project reviewed market options for wood reclaimed from trees killed by the Emerald Ash Borer and Dutch Elm Disease in three suburban Chicago communities.

For the Betterment of the Urban Forest  City Trees magazine conducted a Q&A with Homewood Village Forester Jim Tresouthick describing wood utilization.


Illinois Urban Forestry & Wood Resources

Illinois Arborist Association

Illinois Department of Agriculture Emerald Ash Borer Information

Illinois Forestry Association

Illinois Small Custom Sawmill Directory

Illinois Sawmill Directory 

Illinois Urban & Community Forestry Program

Illinois Wood Utilization Team

JULIE – Call 811 Before You Remove or Plant a Tree

Wood Utilization Options for Urban Trees Infested by Invasive Species

Furniture Designers Association 2009 Exhibition – Rising From Ashes: Furniture From Lost Trees


Urban Forestry Websites in Other States


AL – Alabama Urban Forestry Association

AS – Arkansas Urban Forestry Council

CA – California Urban Forests Council 

FL – Florida Urban Forest Council

GA – Georgia Urban Forest Council

LA – Louisiana Urban Forestry Council

MI – Southeast Michigan’s Reclaimed Wood Marketplace

MI – Ash Utilization Options Project of Southeast Michigan

MO – Missouri Community Forestry Council

MS –  Mississippi Urban Forest Council

NC – North Carolina Urban Forest Council

NY – New York State Urban Forestry Council

OH – Ohio Urban Forestry Advisory Committee

OR – Oregon Community Trees

SC- South Carolina Forestry Commission

TN – Tennessee Urban Forestry Council

TX – Houston Area Urban Forestry Council

VA – Fairfax ReLeaf (Northern Virginia)

WI – Wisconsin Urban Wood

National & Regional Urban Forestry Websites

Emerald Ash Borer Info

National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council

Society of American Foresters

Southeastern Urban Wood Exchange (Serving Region 8 Southern Forests)

Sustainable Urban Forests Coalition

USDA Forest Service: Urban Research

Wood Education & Resource Center: Urban & Community Forestry

Urban Wood News


Got Urban Wood News?

Share your success stories, press releases, perspectives and events.

03/31/22 – Update on the Urban Wood Network-IL Chapter

03/29/22 – Fast Company Honors Taylor Guitars for Urban Wood Use

02/25/22 – Icon Modern to Host UWN-IL Info Meeting on March 9

02/24/22 – Seizing the Value of Fallen Trees

02/22/22 – Room & Board Launches Table Line Made of Reclaimed Ash Nationwide

01/26/22 – IL Chapter of Urban Wood Network Officially Launches

01/10/22 – Don Peterson, Founding Executive Director of Urban Wood Network, Passes Away

12/28/21 – Online Directory Lists More Than 80 IL Custom Sawmills

11/29/21 – Wood-Mizer Anoints Sinker Cypress Desk As Top Furniture Project

11/26/21 – Invitation to Take Part in the Urban Wood Network IL’s Dec. 2 Next Steps Zoom Meeting

10/28/21 – Now Streaming: Chicago’s Urban Forest Metrics

10/26/21 – Video: Sawing Urban Wood with a Stihl 880 and Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

10/26/21 – Traece Software Simplifies Urban Lumber Inventory Management

09/23/21 – New IL Chapter of Urban Wood Network Slates Next Steps Zoom Meeting

09/23/21 – Celebrate OAKtober

09/15/21 – Cheyenne, WY, Braces for EAB’s Arrival

09/14/21 – Video: Urban Wood Sawyer Awarded Grant by CalFire

08/26/21 – Twin City Closet Turns to Wood From The Hood For Reclaimed Ash Conference Table

08/19/21 – Syracuse Designates $2M in Stimulus Money to Plant Trees, Combat Climate Change

08/16/21 – Waukesha County, WI, Urban Wood Program Among SFI Grant Recipients

07/30/21 – The Story of Urban Wood Guitars

07/30/21 – Video: Deadwood Revival Design brings urban forest full circle

07/29/21 – Forest Service Awards $15M in Wood Innovation Grants Program

07/26/21 – 5-Step Plan for Managing Urban Forest to Fight Climate Change

06/18/21 – Video: Restoring the American Chestnut Part 2

06/15/21 – Urban Ashes Partners with NextCycle Michigan

05/30/21 – House Bill Includes ‘Cooperative Agreements’ for Urban Wood Utilization

05/30/21 – Chicago Area’s Urban Forests Have More Trees and Lots of Challenges

05/27/21 – Professor named ‘Citizen of the Year’ for Urban Wood Use Program

05/25/21 – Plethora of Research Aims to Safeguard Trees from Pests & Pathogens

04/25/21 – Urban Wood Network Announces First State Chapters

04/18/21 – SFI Commits to Developing Urban Forestry Sustainability Standard

04/15/21 – Developer Salvages Urban Timber; Wins Georgia Tree Council Award

04/12/21 – Video: Restoration Research of the American Chestnut Part 1

03/23/21 – Videos: NCUFC Public Service Announcement Emphasize Trees’ Importance

02/26/21 – Slideshow: Chicago Park District’s Wintery Milling Project

02/24/21 – U.S. Ag Department Ends EAB Quarantine Regulations

02/24/21 – Video: Wood From The Hood’s Story and Slideshow Tour

02/11/21 – Urban Forest Connections: More than 60 Webinars Served

01/29/21 – CBS News Features Report on Baltimore Urban Wood Project

01/28/21 – Video: NC Urban Wood Sawmill & Vacuum Kiln Webinar

01/25/21 – NASF Fact Sheet Highlights Wisconsin Urban Woods’ Success

01/21/21 – UK Researchers Search for Ash Borer-Resistant Trees

urban wood fabrication at UW Stout12/29/20 – How Harrisonburg, VA, Upscales Dead Ash Trees

12/28/20 – Urban Tree Merchants Is Keeping Score

12/26/20 – American Hardwoods Focus of New Free Guide

12/23/20 – Urban Tree Monitoring Video Series Part 1: Getting Started

12/23/20 – Urban Tree Monitoring Video Series Part 2: Mortality Status

12/23/20 – Urban Tree Monitoring Video Series Part 3: Trunk Diameter

12/23/20 – Urban Tree Monitoring Video Series Part 4: Location Methods

12/23/20 – Urban Tree Monitoring Video Series Part 5: Managing Field Work

11/29/20 – Watch Urban Wood Movement: Expanding from Coast to Coast Webinar

11/29/20 – Video: Artist Makes Urban Tree Invisible

11/22/20 – Urban Lumber Expands with Acquisition of Urban Hardwoods

10/24/20 – Hurricane Sally Ravaged Oaks to Become Art Works

10/19/20 – National Urban Wood Academy Set for Nov. 20

10/10/20 – Atlantic Fine Hardwoods: From African Exotics to Georgian Urban Wood

09/27/20 – World Demand for Massive Wood Slabs to Surpass $2B by 2030

09/26/20 – Urban Wood Movement’s Growth Focus of IWF Connect Webinar

09/15/20 – Urban Hardwoods Christens New Showroom

08/28/20 – Cornell to Research Using EAB-Ravaged Trees for Engineered Wood Products

08/22/20 – Urban Wood Network Secures Forest Service Grant

08/20/20 – Canadian Teen’s Woodworking Business Built on Backyard Trees

07/31/20 – Urban Wood Workbook Tells How to Create Value from Waste

07/28/20 – Sculptures Feature Urban Spalted Maple

07/22/20 – Urban Wood Network’s Future Visioning Webinars Available On Demand

07/14/20 – Chicago Neighborhood Makes a Stand to Save Ash Trees

06/29/20 – IWF Cancelled; Urban Wood Seminar to Be Virtual Event

06/25/20 – Video: Overview of i-Tree Landscape

06/25/20 – Urban Wood Forest Brewing Opens During Pandemic

06/20/20 – Penn State Developing Tech That Destroys Pests in Wood

05/29/20 – Taylor Guitars Uses Urban Ash for Tonewood

05/27/20 – WUW & City of Marshfield Partner on Urban Wood Use Agreement

05/16/20 – Video: Urban Wood Rescue of Sacramento

04/23/20 – Pilot Program in Rome Uses Urban Wood to Curb Kids’ Digital Addiction

04/22/20 – Urban Wood Movement’s Growth Focus of IWF Seminar

04/22/20 – Urban Lumber Business Strategies Theme of May 13 UWN Webinar

04/17/20 – Allendale Association’s Youth Learn about Urban Wood

03/27/20 – Slideshow: Nebraska’s Ash Wood Showcase

03/09/20 – Award-winning Book Celebrates Chicago Tree Project

02/26/20 – UWN Slates ‘Future Visioning’ Webinar Series

02/19/20 – Study compares EAB impact: Vienna vs. Minneapolis

01/28/20 – NC Program Protects Ash Trees from EAB

01/24/20 – Sculptor Adds Urban Wood to Her Palette

01/19/20 – New Sculptures Breathe Fresh Life into Four Dying Trees

01/17/20 – Urban Wood Use Action Guide Is Chock Full of Resources

01/14/20 – Alabama Sawyer Fills Big Order for Gulf State Park Eatery

12/06/19 – Paul Simon Concert Benefits SF Urban Forest

12/06/19 – Wisconsin Urban Wood Assists $10K Tree Planting Project

12/03/19 – Video: Good Wood Guys Mill Huge Black Cotton Log

11/22/19 – Chicago Furniture Maker Digs the Vibe of Urban Wood

11/22/19 – Chicago Plans to Inventory Urban Forest Canopy in 2020

11/06/19 – Urban Wood Standards & Certification Highlight Webcast

10/28/19 – Wudeward’s Owner Shares His Passion for Urban Wood in Podcast

10/27/19 – NYC Declares Victory Over Long-Horned Beetle

10/17/19 – Video: Palomar College’s Urban Wood Sawmill

09/26/19 – Forest Service Slates Urban Wood Utilization Webinar for Oct. 8

09/26/19 – Hoppe Tree Service Opens Second Urban Wood Lab

09/25/19 – Wood-Mizer’s New SlabMizer Flattens Slabs

09/18/19 – Wisconsin Urban Wood Slates Webinar for A&D Pros

08/30/19 – Wood From The Hood Opens Urban Lumber Showroom

08/28/19 – Fiserv Forum Design Team Wins Wisconsin Urban Wood Use Award

08/27/19 – Texas Urban Wood Firm Focuses on ‘Tree to Home’

08/26/19 – ‘Upscale Urban Wood’ Is Theme of Arbor Day Foundation Bulletin

07/30/19 – Madison, WI: A Progressive Urban Wood City

07/24/19 – NC Urban Forest Council Plans Urban Wood Use Workshop

06/26/19 – Watch Urban Wood Toolkit Webinar #1

06/25/19 – Chicagoans ‘Import’ Live Edge Walnut Table from KC

06/21/19 – Petitioners Push for ‘National Urban Wood Day’

06/18/19 – Event to Highlight ‘Urban Wood from Coast to Coast’

05/29/19 – Tables Made in Seattle Reside in NYC

05/28/19 – Video: WoodSwimmer into Tranquility

05/20/19 – SkillsUSA & Urban Wood Unite in Wisconsin

04/15/19 – SUFC Names New Co-chairs

04/10/19 – August Hoppe Joins TCIA Board

04/01/19 – Like Urban Wood Network on Facebook

03/28/19 – Alabama Launchpad Jumpstarts Urban Wood Business

03/18/19 – Lumber Woman Repurposes Wood from Topeka’s Urban Forest

03/08/19 – Video: (Urban) Forest Proud

03/04/19 – The Greenfield, WI, Urban Wood Model

02/15/19 – Forest Service Extends Wood Innovation Grant Deadline

02/14/19 – UWN Q&A: Tim O’Neill, Urban Lumber Company

02/10/19 – New Report Explores How Certification Can Grow Urban Wood Demand

02/08/19 – Urban Wood Toolkit Offers Guidance for Utilizing Community Trees

01/30/19 – Urban Wood Network Sets 2019 Membership Fees

12/27/18 – Urban Wood Network Slates ‘Urban Wood Toolkit’ Webinar for Jan. 30

12/16/18 – Emerald Ash Borer Threatens 50,000 Trees in Lincoln, NE

12/13/18 – Dead Ash Trees Come to Life as Chainsaw Sculptures

12/02/18 – Hoppe Tree Service Takes Full Circle Approach

12/02/18 – Green America Honors GA Urban Wood Business

11/26/18 – How to Improve Yields Milling ‘Out-of-Shape Logs’

11/20/18 – UWN Webinar #4: Starting a State Urban Wood Network

11/07/18 – Urban Sawmilling in Hawaii

10/31/18 – Put Your Urban Wood Business on the Map

10/26/18 – Video: Dan Cassens on ‘Milling Your Own Lumber’

10/22/18 – UWN Webinar #3: How to Produce Urban Wood Products

10/09/18 – National Urban Wood Project Certification Update

09/25/18 – Urban Wood Webinar #2: How to Produce & Market Urban Lumber

09/24/18 – DoMUS Serves as Industry Model for Wisconsin Urban Wood

09/22/18 – Retired Teacher Focuses on Growing Urban Wood Business

08/27/18 – Urban Wood Movement Surges Ahead at IWF

08/17/18 – UWN Webinar #1 On Demand: Urban Tree Removals

08/16/18 – GWTP Celebrates 25 Years Training Low-Income Chicagoans for Woodworking Careers

08/02/18 – Story of Riverside’s Wind-Felled Oak Featured in Woodshop News

07/25/18 – How Urban Wood Use Mitigates Climate Change

07/17/18 – Wisconsin Urban Forest Fest Set for Sept. 15

07/17/18 – Q&A with Erika Horigan of Horigan Urban Forest Products

07/06/18 – Urban Wood Network Announces ‘How To Do Urban Wood’ Seminar Series

06/24/18 – Adding Value to Urban Trees: Two Upcoming Workshops at MSU

06/19/18 – IWF Urban Wood Seminar Gains Diverse Sponsorship Support

06/10/18 – Video: Introducing the Urban Salvaged & Reclaimed Woods Network

05/25/18 – Wood-Mizer Acquires Swedish Manufacturer of 4-Sided Planers/Moulders

05/25/18 – More Than 1,750 Strong! Urban Wood Network LinkedIn Community

05/18/18 – Wisconsin Urban Wood Graces Ortho’s Office

05/18/18 – Study: U.S. Metro Areas Losing 36M Trees Annually

05/11/18 – Communities Across Chicagoland Join to Create Sustainable Future

05/09/18 – Vermont Braces for Emerald Ash Borer Invasion

04/24/18 – UWN to Present Free Urban Wood Seminar at IWF 2018

04/19/18 – Video: How NY Uses Drones to Inspect Urban Forest Canvass

04/18/18 – April 3 WERC Urban Wood Webcast Available On-Demand

04/16/18 – Video: Urban Sawmilling in Sacramento

03/27/18 – Webinar Registration Open: Urban Wood Network – Join the Movement

03/11/18 – Virginia Urban Wood Group Creates Business Directory

03/06/18 – 31 States Infested by EAB

02/25/18 – Chicago AWI Members Learn About Urban Wood at Icon Modern

02/20/18 – New Project to Certify Responsible Urban Forestry and Urban Wood Use

02/16/18 – Michigan Urban Wood Network Launches Website

02/11/18 – Watch Tom The Sawyer Transform an Urban Honey Locust Log

01/21/18 – Tree Services Magazine Focuses on Using Urban Tree Waste

01/20/18 – Video: Salvaging Trees in Vancouver’s Urban Forest

01/19/18 – SUFC Slates Annual Meeting for March 7

12/29/17 – Chicago Tree Project Continues to Transform Dead Trees into Sculptures

12/21/17 – Invitation to Join the Urban Wood Network

12/07/17 – Illinois Architect Takes the LEED in Urban Wood Movement

12/03/17 – Wood-Mizer Offers Free Urban Sawmilling Guide

11/19/17 – Video: Reclaiming Wood from Historic Philadelphia Buildings

11/18/17 – ISTC Open House Offers a Look at Heating with Wood Waste

11/13/17 – Video: Pioneering Urban Wood Use in Austin

11/13/17 – Fall Urban Wood Utilization Webcast Available On Demand

10/21/17 – Video: Richmond Hill Educates Residents about EAB Scourge

10/20/17 – ‘Underappreciated’ Urban Wood Focus of Pennsylvania Workshop

10/17/17 – Cook County Forest Preserves’ Tree Repurposed for Unique Award Plaques

10/05/17 – Illinois Sustainable Technology Center Seeks Businesses for Wood Heating Study

10/03/17 – Why Schmidt Custom Flooring Joined the Urban Wood Movement

09/22/17 – Agenda Set for Oct. 10 Urban Wood Use Webcast

09/16/17 – Enter Rebuilding Exchange’s Contest to Win Nick Offerman Tix

09/14/17 – Southeast Urban Wood Exchange Connects Urban Forestry Professionals

08/23/17 – U.S. Forest Service Updates Inventory of Nation’s Urban Forests

08/22/17 – 160-Year-Old Oak Begets Three Tables for Riverside’s Village Hall

08/21/17 – House Acts to Save Urban Community & Forestry Program from Budget Axe

08/16/17 – How Raleigh’s Parks & Recs Department Re-utilizes Its Trees

07/16/17 – Indy Urban Hardwood Stars in New Wood-Mizer Urban Wood Video Series

07/15/17 – Mid-Atlantic Urban Wood Forum Set for Aug. 15 & 16 

07/07/17 – The Urban Wood Network Launches New Website

07/02/17 – Video: Milling a Huge Burr Oak with a Chainsaw Mill

06/23/17 – Michigan Urbanwood Tour Set for July 28

06/19/17 – Entries Sought for Urbanwood Showcase in Ann Arbor

06/17/17 – Southeast Urban Wood Exchange Invites Businesses to List Their Products & Services

06/13/17 – ‘No Wood Wasted’ Theme of NC Urban Forest & Small Woodlot Workshop

06/10/17 – Wood-Mizer Issues Call for Personal Best Contest Entries

05/21/17 – Wisconsin Urban Wood Signs on as Wisconsin DNR Green Tier Charter

05/19/17 – City Forest Products Celebrates Urban Wood Biz Launch

05/01/17 – WunderWoods’ Sawmill from Down Under

04/17/17 – Four Urban Wood Firms Snare Wood-Mizer Awards

04/17/17 – City Forest Products Slates April 28 Launch Party

04/10/17 – Reclaimed Ash Furniture in Iowa Home Show Expo Spotlight

04/10/17 – U.S. Forest Service Strategizes Woody Biomass Utilization

03/27/17 – Urban Wood Utilization Webcast Set for April 11

03/24/17 – Hobby Becomes a Post-Retirement Urban Wood Business

03/15/17 – Urban Wood Waste Powers St. Paul’s Energy Grid

03/09/17 – Treecycle America Entrepreneur Forges an Urban Wood Network

02/22/17 – Indiana Tree Service Branches Out into Custom Urban Wood Furniture

02/22/17 – Repurposing Urban Wood Waste as Biomass

02/21/17 – Horigan Urban Forest Products Re-launches Website

02/11/17 – Video Update: TV News Features Restore’s Rescued Wood Project

02/06/17 – Video: Be a Smart Ash, Denver!

01/28/17 – Chicago’s Sister City Has an Urban Wood Brother in Sawmill Sid

01/25/17 – Dovetail Partners Reports on Worldwide Refinery Growth

01/22/17 – TCIA Releases Statement on A300 Urban Forest Products Standard Status

01/17/17 – Urban Wood Used in Oak Park LEED Platinum Project

01/15/17 – Rescued Wood: Habitat for Humanity Wisconsin’s Unique Answer to the EAB Problem

01/02/17 – IllinoisUrbanWood’s Top 10 Countdown

12/21/16 – IAA Slates Certified Arborist Workshops & Exam in Glencoe

12/18/16 – Cover Treatment for Wisconsin Urban Wood

12/11/16 – IL Arborist Pursues His Passion with Urban Wood Start-up

12/01/16 – Help Wanted: Homer Glen’s Earth Day/Arbor Day Celebration

11/28/16 – Video: Urban Hardwoods a Growing Company

11/14/16 – Urban Lumber Company Thrives on KC Woods

10/27/16 – TigerStop Embraces the Urban Wood Message

10/26/16 – Scenes from the 34th Illinois Arborist Association Convention

10/26/16 – On Demand Webcast Highlights Urban Wood Activities in Six States

10/13/16 – Baltimore Wood Project Tackles Two Urban Waste Streams

10/03/16 – Woodworker’s Fallen Farm Trees Star in ‘Made in Illinois’ Video

09/27/16 – IWF Urban Wood Seminar Report Slated for Oct. 11 Webcast

09/08/16 – Urban Wood for Community Firewood Banks

08/30/16 – Passions Flow at IWF Urban Wood Seminar

08/29/16 – First Release: Urban Wood User’s Resource Guide

08/19/16 – Forest Fast Break Video: Urban Wood Benefits

08/15/16 – Day of Wood Set for Sept. 8 in Jasper, IN

08/09/16 – Urban Wood Exchange Opens for Business

08/09/16 – FDMC Profiles i2i Design

08/09/16 – Woodshop News Features IWF Urban Wood Seminar

08/07/16 – Video: Tom The Sawyer Mills Black Walnut for Figure

08/06/16 – On Demand: WERC Urban Wood Utilization Webcast

08/05/16 – Forest Fast Break Video: Urban Forests

08/03/16 – USDA Forest Service Awards Urban Forestry Challenge Grants

07/25/16 – Forest Fast Break Video: Urban Forest Wood Usage

07/17/16 – Sterling Lumber Garners Pair of Business Awards

07/16/16 – IWF Seminar Aims to Demystify Urban Wood

07/11/16 – Elkhart EnviroFest to Showcase Urban Wood Works

07/08/16 – Woodturners ‘Bowled’ Over by Urban Wood

06/26/16 – North American Urban Wood Directory Entries Sought

06/24/16 – Chicago Botanic Garden Exhibit Exposes the ‘Hidden Art of Trees’

06/12/16 – Magazine Profiles Baraboo Woodworks’ Urban Wood Model

06/01/16 – Video: Custom Woodworker & Sawyer Make a Great Team

05/19/16 – Urban Wood Stars in Free IWF Seminar

05/19/16 – Couple ‘Sacrificed Our Entire Lives’ for Urban Wood Business

05/15/16 – Video: How Toronto Is Turning Ash Tree Tragedy into Opportunity

05/13/16 – Update: USGBC IL Postpones May Urban Wood Event

05/10/16 – MSU Retails Wood Goods Crafted from Campus Trees

04/24/16 – IIDEX Woodshop Exhibit Spotlights Urban Ash Furnishings

03/29/16 – Urban Wood Products Showcase Winners Strut Their Stuff

03/29/16 – Hardwood Workshop Covers Logs to Lumber

03/28/16 – Diverse Audience Unites at Urban Wood Event

03/28/16 – Illinois Sawmill Directories Updated

03/25/16 – Icon Modern’s Urban Wood Story Told on WBBM Radio Chicago

03/11/16 – AIA Members Eligible for CEUs at Urban Wood Event

03/06/16 – Hunski Hardwoods Logs the West Coast Urban Forest

03/02/16 – Register for Hardwood Workshop & Urban Wood Conference Online by March 16

02/21/16 – Early-Bird Discount Conference Registration Extended

02/19/16 – ASLA CEUs Available for Urban Wood & Hardwood Lumber Events

02/18/16 – Enter the Urban Wood Products Showcase

02/05/16 – Illinois Arborist Association Offers CEUs for Urban Wood Conference

01/21/16 – Urban Wood Conference Topics Go Full Circle

01/21/16 – Urban Wood Boardwalk Cuts a Path to South Side Corner’s Renewal

01/20/16 – Film Opens Eyes to Wondrous Potential of Urban Wood

01/19/16 – Hardwood Lumber & Sawmill Workshop Set for March 17

01/16/16 – Urban Wood Utilization Fits Community’s Utopian Vision

01/14/16 – IWF Supports Urban Wood Conference

01/08/16 – What to Do with Urban Wood Event Rescheduled to Jan. 21

12/31/15 – Full Circle Urban Forestry Takes Root in Elkhart, IN

12/28/15 – Registration Opens for Unique Urban Wood Conference

12/22/15 – Can You Dig It? JULIE 811 Supports IL WUT Conference

12/18/15 – IL Sawmill Directory Being Refreshed

12/18/15 – Coming Attractions: Saving America’s Urban Forests

11/27/15 – Eco Urban Timber Turns Dead Ash into Cash

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