04/25/18 – APR Update: Urban Wood Movement Takes Woodworking Industry’s Biggest Stage in Atlanta

03/29/18 – MAR Update: Sign Up for Free Urban Wood Network Webinar

02/27/18 – FEB Update: Icon Modern Hosts Architectural Woodworkers

01/25/18 – JAN Update: Arts Initiative Pays Homage to Chicago Park District Trees

12/30/17 – DEC Update: Join the Urban Wood Network

12/22/17 – And the Most Viewed Urban Wood Stories of 2017 Are …

11/21/17 – NOV Update: Come Feel the Heat! ISTC Wood Waste Boiler Demo

11/13/17 – Grand Rapids Tree Awards Create Urban Wood Plot Lines

11/07/17 – Every Urban Tree Tells a Story, Got One to Share?

10/27/17 – OCT Update: Tree ‘Cookies’ Make Nifty Award Plaques

09/29/17 – SEP Update: Spurned Woodworker Turns to Toronto for Urban Ash Lumber

08/24/17 – AUG Update: House Supports Urban Forestry Funding

07/26/17 – July Update: Check It Out: is Up & Running!

07/03/17 – Pacific Coast Lumber Owner Has His Urban Wood Elevator Speech Down Pat

05/27/17 – Duluth’s EAB Plan Promotes Wood Use; Does Your City Do the Same?

01/02/17 – IllinoisUrbanWood’s Top 10 Countdown

12/12/16 – Book Chronicles Urban ‘Wood to Table’ Movement

11/13/16 – IL WUT’s Global Reach

09/14/16 – Let’s Make Urban Wood a Household Name

07/26/16 – IWF Urban Wood Seminar Sponsors Help Spread the ‘Word’

05/21/16 – Great News! Urban Wood Shines in WI Hotel Makeover

02/15/16 – Thank You Urban Wood Conference Supporters!

01/28/16 – Daily Double Discount: Hardwood Lumber & Urban Forest Events

11/29/15 – Five Top Reasons to Sponsor the Bringing the Urban Forestry Full Circle Conference

10/29/15 – Keep Spreading the News!

09/23/15 – Woodworking Enthusiasts Get a Taste of Urban Wood

08/25/15 – Historic Bell Tolls for Urban Wood Display

06/23/15 – Photo Gallery: Color Point Greenhouse Operations

06/14/15 – Color Point Pushes Sustainable Wood Usage with Wood-Fired Greenhouse

06/05/15 –  Hats Off to an Urban Wood Pioneer

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  1. Scott says:

    Inquiring if there are any buyers for a large Walnut tree I am considering cutting down. I am in Crystal Lake,IL. Looking to sell logs or have cost of tree being removed covered by buyer.

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