Have You Saved a Tree from the Landfill Today?

Tom-The-Sawyer-Burr-Oak-Log-3One of the most important missions of the Illinois Wood Utilization Team (IL WUT) is to communicate the many and diverse stories about how the urban wood movement is making its mark on successful businesses, educational institutions and communities across North America.

We’re always on the look out for relevant news releases and success stories from any and every link of the urban wood chain to share with our audience.

In recent weeks, items to come through our transom include:

What types or projects have you recently completed or are working on that showcase putting urban wood to good use? Tell us your success stories and we’ll share them through the IL WUT website and monthly Illinois Urban Wood newsletter.
Send your press releases and story leads to Rich Christianson at richc.illinoisurbanwood@gmail.com; phone 773-822-6750.