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Video: How NY Uses Drones to Inspect Urban Tree Canopies

The use of drones to monitor and inspect urban forests was the subject of a two-part series published by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The DEC has a fleet of 22 unmanned aerial vehicles that are deployed to enhance the state’s environmental management, conservation and emergency response efforts, as well as monitor the health of urban forests.

For example, DEC outfitted drones with UAV natural color sensors to map damage to thousands of acres of pine trees by the invasive southern pine beetle on Long Island. What would have taken several days to map, was completed in mere hours.

For more information, watch the video and check out the stories: Part 1 and Part 2.



April 3 WERC Urban Wood Webcast Available On-demand

The Wood Education and Resource Center’s Spring Urban Wood Webcast, held Wednesday, April 3, is now available on-demand.

Presentations featured in the two-hour webcast included:

  > Update on the Urban Wood Network by Don Peterson, Glacierland Resource Conservation & Development Council;

  > Urban Wood Utilization in Kansas City, MO, by Kevin Lapointe, city forester of Kansas City; and Tim O’Neill, owner, The Urban Lumber Company;

  > Urban Wood Certification Efforts and Carbon Content of Urban Wood Products by Katie Fernholz, Dovetail Partners;

> Wisconsin’s Guidance/Standard for Using Locally Produced Structural Lumber by Collin Buntrock, Wisconsin DNR; and

  > Virginia Urban Wood Update, Joe Lehnen, VA Department of Forestry.

The WERC is a USDA Forest Service facility located in Princeton, WV.


Click here to access the Spring 2018 and previous webcasts
archived by WERC.

Video: Urban Sawmilling in Sacramento

Episode IV of Wood-Mizer’s Urban Sawmilling video series profiles Hunski Hardwoods of Sacramento, CA. Hunski was established in 2010 by James Hunsaker and his son Nick to salvage diseased and dying trees. The company mills them into high-quality slabs and lumber.